Hands On Care

Podium’s No. 1 goal is to solve your foot-related problem. Instead of the typical 15 minutes allotted at other clinics, we will spend a full hour asking and answering questions during your initial visit. Podium takes the time to get to the root of your problems, and get you back on your happy feet.

It’s all part of the Podium Difference.

Podium Difference

Custom Craftsmanship

Whether you’re an Olympic athlete with running shoe issues, a weekend warrior looking to improve ski boot fit, or an everyday person suffering from foot pain, Podium can construct an orthotic precisely for you. Two decades experience, in-house fabrication capabilities, multiple material options, and meticulous attention to detail allow us to provide clients unequaled custom craftsmanship.

Podium Process

All Types Of Footwear

If it fits on your foot, Podium can make an orthotic for it. That includes cycling shoes, running shoes, rock climbing shoes, alpine and Nordic skiing boots, dress shoes, walking shoes, basketball shoes, sandals, cowboy boots and even tango dance shoes.

If it’s in your shoe closet, Podium can work with it.

Podium Difference

Quick Turnaround

While many clinics take up to a month to deliver custom orthotics, Podium’s turnaround time is as little as one week. This includes a one-hour initial consultation, in-house custom fabrication, and a follow-up visit where finite adjustments are made while you wait.

It’s fast, it’s streamlined, it’s the Podium Process.

Podium Process